Five things you learn when you live in Edinburgh…..


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1. There’s a beautiful emancipation statue of Abe Lincoln in Old Calton Burial Ground

2. Speaking of Calton Hill, if you want an easier way to get up instead of the stairs/ramp-of-death combo, follow Hume Walk around the hill for a nice, leisurely stroll up

3. Waverley on St. Mary’s is a good shout for a quiet drink and chat. People tend to gravitate to World’s End as it’s right on the high street, has fancy scrawling on the front, and that murderous notoriety people love so much….

4. Yes, that is the Trainspotting tunnel

5. Avoid walking by walls and street posts as this is where any piss, vomit, and dog shit is likely to be.

I miss that glorious city….

Old Calton Burial Ground

Old Calton Burial Ground


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